Thursday, November 12, 2009

Canberra SuperX

I am happy that Canberra is done & was a tough week! We had to deal with some Union construction issues, which was a whole lot of not fun - it kept us on pins and needs to make sure all of our work stayed within the guidelines. The dirt came in light and dry, which was tough and dusty to work with. We also ended up not getting enough to build the designed track, however we made the best of it and the track turned out the best it could be. The lap times were a little bit faster than hoped due to the necessary changes with the lack of dirt. Overall, the crowd was really into the race, and the track looked good when it was all said and done.
Now to the racing side of the Lites - Matt Moss who has easily become the class favorite, came once again with his guns loaded. But Kyle Cunningham came with as strong of a performance as he has had all season. He even took moto 2 of the triple challenge. Ryan Marmont was back in form and came within a couple of seconds of passing Moss in moto 1. This class is really heating up, and it will be interesting to see if anyone steps up to take the overall from Moss. In the Open class, all of the 450 guys looked to give the fans what they paid for with the top 3 riders; Reed, Reardon, and Byrne, all within a second of each other after qualifying. Adding McGrath to the mix would only see to spice things up that much more. But brewing in the mist was one of the most awe-inspiring, inspirational rides that I have witnessed. Jay Marmont, who lost his 7 month old daughter to days prior to the race, rode with an angel on his shoulder, and stood on top of the box at the end of the night. Jay took all three holeshots, and led Chad the first half of both moto 1 and moto 2. Chad's first turn mishap in moto 3 would be the opening Jay needed to take the overall. But in true display of sportsmanship and compassion for his friend and fellow rider, Chad was one of the first there to congratulate Jay and was as happy for him as anyone else. My heart goes out to the Marmont family and Jay is a true Hero in my book!

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