Sunday, November 1, 2009

Round 3 - Perth SX

Well, this week started with a lucky break for us - we were able to build right on the floors of the stadium and did not have to lay boards. The stadium was super nice and definitely unique. It is the type of stadium that does not have trusses in the roof, instead has an air suspended ceiling. Our biggest feat this week was hauling the dirt in. Because of the air suspended ceiling - it was difficult to haul the trucks in and out through the air locks. We ended up working a 24-hour shift Tuesday to get all of the dirt in and start the build. It turned out being the best dirt we have had all series. With the race being indoors, the dirt held in a lot of the moisture and the riders loved it!
On to the racing....In the Lites Class - Moss was on fire all day! Cunningham came ready to race too, running a faster heat race than moss. But, in the end a small mistake in the whoops by Cunningham on the first lap gave Moss the easy win. Kyle put on a great performance battling his way back up to 3rd. Lawson Bopping also had a great race earning the 2nd place spot and his first podium of the season!
In the 450 Class, Reardon, Byrne, and Reed went 3 for 3 in the Round Robin heat races. Reardon was putting on a 'holeshot school' earning all four for the night, which helped lead to his overall win. With Reeds mid-pack start in such a short race format he had to battle his way back up to 2nd. It looked as if Byrne was going to get the last spot on the box, but a last lap crash in the whoops knocked him out of that spot, giving it to Marmont!
Overall, the track, racing, and city of Perth was awesome. It was a great week and now we are off to Canberra

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